Like fat on a pig…

…I’m back!

Last year’s blogging was a sabbatical project, which ended abruptly when I somewhat unexpectedly had to take over as department chair at the beginning of July. People keep saying ‘congratulations.’ ‘Condolences’ is more appropriate. It’s mostly administrative work that no one wants to do. But it’s okay – new tasks, new challenges, and a chance to put my stamp on my program. I’m teaching too, doing a new course on Philosophy in the Food System, which is a little rough as all first-time-offered courses are, but pretty fun (for me, at least).

But I’m finding I miss writing about food-related stuff, so I’m going to make an effort to do something once or twice a week here, using my teaching as the springboard for a lot of what I write, and my kitchen time as the basis for most of the rest.

And if I can manage more farmer profiles, I will. I loved doing those, but they took a lot more time than I thought they would.

So stay tuned!

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