Great A, little a, this is . . . POTATO DAY!


Well, yesterday was. We had some volunteer plants in our small front garden from spuds we obviously missed in last year’s digging, and we’d added a few others from extras my dad gave us.  They’d died back weeks ago, so we were worried they’d have been gobbled up by under-the-surface critters. But no! Only a few bad spots on eight-ish pounds of Kennebecs. We microwave-baked a couple for lunch and had more in potato salad at dinner (along with burgers and slaw, ’cause it was a summery kind of day). Excellent in both instances. Naked with just a touch of salt and butter they’re moist, a little flaky, and have a slightly earthy but oh-so-potato-y flavor; dressed they happily socialize with their crunchier neighbors. (They also make great fries, so maybe this weekend we’ll have to do a steak frites night.)


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