Lettuce, yes.

Bagged salad greens are a go-to for our weekly salad needs: Green Gardens and Blue Dog are our usual Bank St. sources, each providing a mix of sweet, spicy, and bitter that prove that healthy is delicious. But this time of year, and this year in particular, with the relatively cool couple of weeks we’ve had, our salad bowls fill up with soft-leaved, vibrantly colored head lettuces. A purple beauty bought on Saturday from Chanterelle at Silverbeet Farm didn’t make it past noon, or last long enough to be photographed. I just cored and rinsed it, gave it a quick spin in the Oxo, and devoured it with only a little crunchy coarse-grained sea salt, good olive oil, and red wine vinegar. Heaven. Steve at The Four Acres had a buy-five-get-the-sixth-one-free deal, so we loaded up and have been happy as rabbits ever since, with two salad days still to come (see photo above). We’ll see if the promised heat holds off long enough to let the lettuces reign for another week. If not, well, we lived leafy while we could.

2 thoughts on “Lettuce, yes.”

  1. Oh you guys want great lettuce? Come by on Saturday if you’re in town. Will have some beautifully diverse creations this week that we are growing from seed we got from Wild Garden Seed. Check out the great varieties of lettuce in their catalogue for inspiration.

    1. Sweet! Looks like the salad days will continue. (That’s Dennis from Blue Dog who wrote that by the way.) Hope you’ll still have pea shoots too. E. can’t get enough — she buried a bowl of pasta and asparagus in them last night so you couldn’t see anything else.

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