We come from the land of the ice and snow

It’s a cold, blustery morning more suited to a month ago, but as they say, if I’ve gotten the expression right, April snow showers bring May snow flowers. Seems like a good morning to post to this much neglected blog of mine. Like the perennials starting to emerge (though today’s conditions may cause them to rethink that), the Buttery-Hatch had died back and was invisible at ground level, but the roots have remained alive, and, if conditions continue to prove favorable, new growth will emerge. For I near completion of a research project that has gotten very long in the tooth and am now slowly managing to bring my academic work in line with my focus here. Thanks to an IU grant, I’ve had some time this semester to do a bunch of reading on topics ranging from the history of taste to the value of skilled craft labor to the cultural assumptions that shape risk regulation, out of which will emerge some new writing and teaching projects that approach food from a philosophical angle. My hope, as of this cold and snowy April the 4th, is to use this space as the greenhouse in which to start these projects, prior to transplanting them out into the less forgiving conditions of academia where they must live if they are to grow to maturity. Once back in the habit of posting, I’ll also include some pics and words about what I eat, ’cause I like to do that, too. So, if you haven’t tuned out, stay tuned!

(The picture is from a trip to Iceland last month, but it nicely captures the feel of today here in SW Michigan.)

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